Blue Line Facial Recognition

Knowing who is coming into your building, whether they have permission to be there, and whether or not they pose a threat, empowers you to prevent criminal activity, workplace violence, and other problems.

“You need to see when the wrong people are trying to get into your building right now. Not hours later when you review security footage. But if you do ever need to look back to see when someone unknown arrived, First Line records and stores the video footage.”

Paul Brauss, CEO of Blue Line Technologies


Blue Line’s video security system
First Line, the company’s intelligent, facial recognition security system can be stand-alone or integrated to enhance the effectiveness of your existing security technology such as CCTV, and guard services.

First Line is a non-intrusive, biometric verification system that can read, evaluate and verify a face while the person is walking up to a door, or through a metal detector or turnstile.

The First Line video surveillance kit, which includes top of the line digital, security cameras, can

  • Accurately recognize people in real time.
  • Send notifications when it sees a person who may be a threat.
  • Unlock doors.
  • Time stamp arrival and leaving times.
  • Be configured to provide concierge services, such as sending a notification when it sees a VIP, valued customer or someone you need to intercept or greet at the entrance.
  • Integrate with Wiegand access control key fobs.


First Line is easy to use
Operating the First Line security monitoring station requires no special computer skills other than the ability to read text and email alerts. You don’t even have to watch the screen.

You can add and edit data on the unit or a secure web page. Adding new faces to the database is easy and takes a few seconds.

Custom notes, alerts and response instructions can be added to each record.

Speed and accuracy
In tests, First Line is the fastest, real-time facial recognition product on the market.