About Seconds Matter Safety

about us

In any crisis, seconds truly matter.

It's an ever-changing world. With workplace, school, and religious violence on the rise it's important to have a strategy in place to deal with emergencies. Seconds Matter Safety Solutions provides the technology, training, and strategies to support both the rescuer's life, and the life of the person/people being rescued. Our goal is simple SAVE LIVES! Our technology-based solutions as well as support and training solutions offer the ability to shorten response times with emergency personnel, and offer insight for faculty or staff to handle high stress situations.

Mission Statement

Provide those individuals and departments that are responsible for the safety of students, employees and the public, the means to comprehensively integrate the latest lifesaving rapid response systems, procedures and protocols into their institution, organization or public venue.

  • Our expert-based Proactive Responsibility Analysis identifies your exposure to security risks.
  • We install and integrate the latest lifesaving rapid response technologies to notify the proper authorities of specific threats in your environment.
  • Active Shooter scenarios, workplace violence and medical emergencies are all met with radically decreased response times by the proper authorities and resources.
  • Seconds Matter™ is the only organization of its kind joining ranks with active SWAT team members, providing a level of systems integration, training and recurrent training that is not otherwise available anywhere.